Telemedicine appointments made easy with our partnership with

It's Simple!

Follow the quick steps below on how to successfully fill out the online consent form and how to connect online and attend your appointment via iOS, Android, or Desktop.

No account or membership needed! All you have to do is enter the waiting room during your scheduled appointment time to be seen. 

Please only enter the waiting room at your designated appointment time 

After confirming your insurance and appointment eligibility with both your insurance office and our reception respectively, you will receive an invitation to fill out a consent to receive Telemedicine that must be completed online via the SignNow platform. 

Sign in with your browser


Select "Get Started"

Select "Start" to begin


Select "Add" 

Select to add a signature

Select to Draw

Draw your signature


Select to add relationship

Select done to complete

You're All Set!


Once you have successfully filled out all forms received, please contact our office to set up an appointment, if you have not already done so. 


Online Consent Form Instructions


Make Sure to Schedule an Appointment before going through the steps below!


Doxy.ME Instructions 


It's appointment time! Take a look at the following quick steps you will take in order to join a Telemedicine video call with Dr. Khajavi and his practice.

Enter your name

Enable your Camera

Click "Allow"

Wait to be admitted

The Doctor will join the call

Enjoy your call!


Join During Your Appointment Time

After scheduling an appointment, filling out the Informed Consent for Telemedicine Form via SignNow, and reviewing the Doxy.Me instructions, join your telemedicine appointment during your designated time! Please contact our office for any questions or concerns.